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Smurfit Kappa wins a trio of awards at Czech packaging competition

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Winning the Electronic and appliances category was a design by Smurfit Kappa Žebrák for a high-quality audio device which required the highest level of protection for overseas shipment.

By developing a smart corrugated insert, the product almost levitates in the centre of the outer box and is protected from all sides allowing it to successfully pass all drop tests. This new mono-material design replaces a previous version using plastic bags and foam, helping the customer to significantly reduce their carbon footprint. 

The second award was won in the Automotive and transport category for the packaging of headlights.  The winning aspect of this design was that packaging was able to protect and fix a heavier version of the product using the exact same amount of board as used the lighter version.  This intelligent design is also universal for both the left and right headlight through an ‘inside out’ assembly technique.

Winning the third category for Point of Sale Displays was a rotating promotional display called ‘Rondel’ designed for use at exhibition and trade fairs. The two metre diameter turntable turns at one revolution per minute and can display product both on top and within the grids at the side providing maximum presentation space.  All mechanisms are cleverly hidden in the centre and as the display is made of corrugated, it can also be fully printed to enhance brand visibility. 

Georg D. Fischer, CEO of Corrugated Central Europe, said: “I´m really proud of the fact that our packaging solutions are solving everyday problems and adding real value, which is recognised not only by our customers but also by an independent jury of packaging experts.“

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