Smurfit Kappa's bright idea for packaging leads to ScanStar award

Swedish lighting specialist IFö Electric approached Smurfit Kappa to create a packaging solution that would enable its lamps to get from A to B in perfect condition. The lamps, which consist of a heavy ceramic base and glass top, were sometimes broken in transit.

A team from Smurfit Kappa analysed the packaging that was previously in use and all elements of the supply chain. A replacement packaging solution with a tough exterior was developed which offered significantly more protection during transport and immediately eliminated complaints.

The new solution was also much more sustainable because it reduced the number of packs required from ten to three. The streamlined sizes meant that larger batches could be transported which drove down CO2 emissions.

The packaging was also made from 100% recyclable material and included corrugated inserts which easily slotted together, significantly speeding up the packing process.

Speaking about the collaboration, Adam Dennerkrans, Product Development Manager at IFö Electric, said:

“Smurfit Kappa have been great to work with as their method of work was to really understand our challenges. We have been able to propose changes and they have come up with new ideas so together we have developed a good solution.”

Smurfit Kappa’s VP of Innovation & Development, Arco Berkenbosch, added:

“As part of our Better Planet Packaging initiative we drive the development of protective packaging that is fully recyclable and this product is another nice example of that.”

The product recently won a ScanStar award and the jury commended it for being a simple solution that solves several problems including reducing the number of pack sizes. They were also impressed by the fact that it could be packed side-by-side instead of stacked.

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