S Pack

S Pack

Dispensing solution | Plastic packaging | Design & Collection

S Pack is a Taiwan-based plastic packaging manufacturer and distributor.  Through our know-how of pump core design, we are able to extend our product range to plentiful pump-related packaging. Our technique is conducted by leading pump engine vendor in Taiwan, but provide wilder packaging solutions. Most of our employees benefit over 15 years experience in the packaging industry. Utilizing our strongholds in both Taiwan and China, we are quickly able to combine packaging sources.

We offer our clients Superior Packaging and complete packaging solution. Here we expect to be your reliable, exclusive purchasing window in Asia.

Why S Pack ?
● For manufacturing, 
we have extensive know-how in packaging design, mold design, tooling, shaping of plastics, precise component assembly, quality control, and various of secondary treatments for plastic.

● For customer service, we are good in understanding and excellent communication to customers and can completely transfer customers’ demands to supplier without gap. 

● For product sourcing, we can source out the best packaging solution, also considering of packaging compatibility and workability for further decoration and well know Asia supply chain especially in Taiwan and China.

● For quality control, Our quality control facility and ability are able to compete with SGS, even our outsourcing packaging is integrated QC & delivery control services.