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Spripac extends its safe spraying and spreading solutions for hazardous materials throughout Europe

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As Swedish company, Spripac, extends its reach across Europe, Sales Manager Robin Stajerer offers the lowdown on the company and its position in the sprinkle and dosage markets where the company's spraying and spreading solutions have proven to be ideal for home, garden, automotive and chemical applications.

What is the business of Spripac?

Spripac develops, produces and markets innovative and high-quality sprinkle and dosage solutions for a wide range of fluids and solids. As such, in addition to a standard catalog of stock products, we also work on delivering customized solutions.

In terms of Spripac's business markets, we focus on supplying the home and garden markets in Europe, where spraying or spreading solutions are required for weed killer, fertilizer, de-icer, absorbents, and much more.

Why does the company target the European market?

Spripac is based in Helsingborg, Sweden. We have a facility here where our offices, warehouse and showroom are situated. Because the company's geographical location is in Europe it has been logical for the business to focus and develop within this area rather than be less focused over a larger geographical area.

We are well known in Scandinavia and we are increasing our reach across Europe. The company's marketing and communications strategy has been refreshed with this in mind, so our presence on Webpackaging and in other mediums will heighten as we promote our capability more outside of the Scandinavia region.

What makes Spripac stand out from other companies in the market?

One of the company's unique benefits is the strong relationship that it has with Silgan Dispensing Systems. Silgan is a market leader in dispensing solutions, well-known around the globe, so through our relationship we are able to supply the best quality trigger and hose-end sprayers for many kinds of fluid.

Spripac has an exclusivity agreement with Silgan, so that within Europe, we are the only supplier of all types of hose-end sprayers, of which the HP-2 is the most popular. It offers easy, single-valve operation and more importantly, in the case of such products, it is also child resistant. It is ideal for dispensing a wide variety of concentrates including lawn and garden chemicals, cleaning solutions, and auto and marine care products. We also provide custom-made bottles for it that are ISO 8317 certified and prevent leakage.

The quality process is an integral practice within the company. Every one of the trigger sprayers we supply has to go under quality control processing first and needless to say, we won't supply products that don't meet this standard.

Another big advantage that Spripac offers to customers is low minimum order quantities for stock products. This is especially advantageous to smaller customers that find that they are restricted from working directly with manufacturers because of the minimum order barrier.

Im responsible for both sales and marketing at the company and for me it is always important to find solutions to ensure customer satisfaction. As part of the company's communications to reach out to new and existing customers, I believe that Webpackaging is the right channel for Spripac and am looking forward to the new business that the venture will lead to.

What does the future hold for Spripac?

As I mentioned previously, we are increasing business across Europe. We are working with some very large, long-term customers and most of them are located in the Scandinavia area so growing out and extending business over Europe is a tactical move. We'll also be exhibiting at Scanpack 2018 as it's an event that we know works well for us to meet new contacts and generate new business. We'll be very happy to see you at our booth, E00:03.

In terms of new product development, there are a number of things in the pipeline, but none of them are at a situation where I can reveal any further details. As a company we are constantly looking for innovative ways to improve our offering and provide even more value to our customers.

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