Lipgloss tube with silicon applicator: for pretty and healthy lips

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SR Packaging provides its new lip gloss tube with silicon applicator for consumers to experience silky smooth lip gloss application. The silicon applicator is made of food grade materia andi compatible with various chemicals. The silicon applicator doesn’t react with any solvent, except harsh alkali and hydrofluoric acid, hence a perfect packaging solution for beauty and cosmetic products.

Inside the silicon applicator, there is a special mechanism that stretches during application process. The mechanism works as a dispnesing valve that prevents possible lip gloss leakage and blocks foreign objects. It keeps the silicon applicator hygienic, the lip gloss product in good condition, and maintains product quality before expiry date. 

Two different sizes of silicon applicator are available: diameter of 16mm and 19mm. The capacity range for packaging tube is from 8ml to 15ml:

  • Single-aperture silicon applicator packaging tube dia. 16mm: RT16BC458
  • Single-aperture silicon applicator packaging tube dia. 19mm: RT19BC458
  • Four-aperture silicon applicator packaging tube dia. 16mm: RT16BC222
  • Four-aperture silicon applicator packaging tube dia. 19mm: RT19BC222
  • Available Capacity Range: 8ml to 15ml
  • Available Decoration: offset printing, silk screen printing, flexo printing, hot stamping, labelling, customized plastic tube color matching…, and many more.

This packaging tube with silicon applicator fits a wide range of lip products of different viscosity. Brands adopt this packaging to hold lip cream, lip gloss, and lip care solutions. Surprisingly, according to the company product development team, the special jelly like silicon applicator offers extremely soft cushiness and receives positive consumer trial result. 

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