Eco airless bottle made of PETG & Surlyn

SR Packaging’s recent packaging design – the Eco Airless Bottle - that can be made in any customizable shape, has taken the entire beauty and cosmetic industry by storm. It is a bold, innovative, two-layered component made of two different materials – PETG and Surlyn, both materials are highly compatible and resistant to chemicals.

The initial concept behind is to cut down excessive component, get rid of complexly dragging production, reduce plastic waste, and maximize airless packaging protection.

SR Packaging’s Eco Airless Bottle features an inner layer with a flexible Surlyn pouch and a bottle cover made of PETG. The result is a simple, elegant, and cost-effective airless packaging solution instead of a bulky, multi-component syringe format.

7 Key Features of Eco Airless Bottle

  1. Unlimited customizable tooling for distinctive shape
  2. Highly compatible with chemicals
  3. Less Assembling Process 
  4. Less Product Residue after Usage
  5. Reliable Packaging Funcations
  6. Extremely Christtal Clear Appearance
  7. Less Plastic Consumption, Cost-Effective, and Eco-Friendly 

Major differences of the Eco Airless Bottle compared with syringe airless bottles:


 SRP Eco Airless Bottle

Syringe airless bottle


 Entirely customizable bottle shape

Circular only for plunger and barrel style


 Flexible size and volume variations

Limited to few size options


 Double-walled design: Surlyn inner pouch with PETG  bottle cover

Multiple component bottle: bottle, plunger, barrel.

Less Plastic Consumption

 Reduces up to 70% plastic consumption

Complex component structure is not feasible for plastic reduction

How it works

 The inner Surlyn pouch is a negative pressurized reservoir that is under 100% vacuum status to keep product perfectly sealed. It also ensures less product residue after usage.

Piston movement with possible mechanism failure might compromise product quality


 Lighter weight with double-walled structure

Heavier with multiple component structure


 Cost-effective Double-walled structure simplifies production process.

Costly production that requires multiple component productions and assembling

Surlyn pouch is recognized as a perfect product protection. It is resistant to chemicals, low temperature, and compatible with essential oils, delicate skincare toners, and various emulsified formulae. The surlyn pouch can be made in customizable colors to fit in any existing product collection.

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