Targeted product application with SRP's ultra-thin make-up brush tube pack

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True to the company's roots of being at the forefront of beauty packaging trends, the latest cosmetic delight to be launched onto the market by SR Packaging is an ultra-thin make-up brush tube pack.

SR's tube packaging incorporates an ultra-thin applicator brush that is soft and springy, pampering the skin as it applies cosmetic product delicately to the face.

The brush is manufactured from a PBT polymer which ensures a gentle touch on the skin, yet a high resilience so that the bristles cannot be easily deformed or broken, maintaining the quality of the brush throughout the product's usage.

The packaging itself is small and lightweight available in a capacity of up to 10ml or 15ml, making it easy to carry or slip into a make-up bag for a quick and simple cover up. And, thanks to the special valve inside the head of the tube, content cannot leak out so that the valve stays clean and the product quality remains intact.

Ultra-thin make-up brush tube specs:

Product information: Tube Diameter: Tube Capacity
RT16094-BB 16mm 8-10ml
RT19094-BB 19mm 10-15ml

Due to the nature of SR Packaging's ultra-thin applicator brush, this packaging would be ideal for concealer, pore cream, applying make-up or special cosmetic treatments to the delicate eye area, lip make-up and treatments, as well as any other cosmetic product that requires a targeted application with a super-fine applicator brush.

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