Feathery flocked lipstick tube for pampered lips

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Everyone loves to get pampered: A moment of indulgence where everything else slips away into the background and the only thing that is in "focus" is that which is being pampered. That is the very reason SR Packaging has created its feathery flocked lipstick tube, for lips to be indulged as product is applied.

SRP's make-up tube is finished with a super-soft flocked applicator for the gentlest of product application. The single-hole applicator incorporates the finest layer of cotton wool on the surface of the head with a velvety touch to the lips.

Conceived as a gentle applicator for lip products such as lipstick or lipgloss, the feathery flocked lipstick tube would work equally well for treatment serums and oils as well as medicinal gel products which require the softest of application to small and specific or damaged skin areas.

To ensure that product cannot leak out through the applicator's aperture, SRP has incorporated a special valve inside to ensure that the product does not get evacuated unintentially or get contaminated.

SR Packaging offers a number of packaging decoration options for its products. Whether a bright, fun look is sought after or a sultry, sexy look is required, SRP's decoration capability provides the perfect finished appearance.

Product details:

Model # Tube Diameter: Tube Capacity
RT16537-Q 16mm 8-10ml
RT19537-Q 19mm 10-15ml

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