Lips take the spotlight with SRP's NBR lip tube

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SR Packaging doesn't pay lip service to lip packaging products - it services the lips 100% to ensure a luscious, rich, kissable mouth all day long. The company's latest launch, the NBR lip tube, enhances lips to the fullest to ensure that they take the spotlight.

SRP's NBR lip tube is ideal for a range of lip care products including lip gloss, lip shine, lip moisturizer and other lip treatments as the nitrile rubber is highly resilient to oils and many chemical formulations.

SRP's lip tube offers a delicate application as the applicator is particularly soft and flexible against the epidermis, plushly providing a gentle massage as the product is applied.

To ensure the quality of the lip product, SR Packaging has incorporated a special valve into the head of the packaging which is activated when the the lip tube's cap is locked, sealing the product safely within the tube to protect against leakage until next usage, as well as keeping product bulk from clogging on the applicator's orifice.

SRP's NBR tube is offered in two diameters:

Product Reference Tube Diameter Tube Capacity
RT16406-Q 16mm 8ml or 10ml
RT19406-Q 19mm 10ml or 15ml

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