Sustainable PET Boston Round bottles for the youngest generation

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Baby products are being made more and more visually attractive every year. In response to growing market demands, especially on the part of parents, the expectations of baby products are increasing as products become ever more sleek and stylish. 

Through the combination of sustainability with a wide range of contemporary designs for baby products, SR Packaging has introduced a collection of Boston Round bottles made of recyclable PET that is perfect for baby care solutions. Its bold arched and rounded silhouette adds a smooth touch to its shape. 

PET plastic, as well as being lightweight and providing a transparent and reflective material, is extremely compatible with different formulations. SR Packaging can customise this material, providing clear, semi-clear and coloured options for packaging components. 

There are 3 capacity options available for this collection of Boston Round bottles: 100ml, 150ml, and 300 ml. With standard neck sizes they can be easily matched with SR Packaging's broad selection of closure types, including caps, mist sprayers, dispensing pumps, and many more to provide the perfect packaging for the youngest generation.

  Reference # OFC (ml) Height (mm) Width (mm) Neck size Weight (g)
100ml CHS5062B 106.5 105.5 41 20/410 15
150ml CHS5063B 160.5 122.5 46 24/410 20
300ml CHS5064B 325.5 153 58 24/410 35

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