SRP's thick wall PET jar is 100% PCR

SR Packaging has been committed to environmentally friendly packaging for many years and is actively developing green packaging materials. The company's newly developed PET ultra-thick-wall jar is comparable to glass, and benefits a thickness of 6mm. It can also be produced with up to 100% PCR material.

Product specifications

Model # Capacity (ml) Height (mm) Diameter (mm) Neck diameter
CHS3066 60 46.9 71.81 Ø65.5
CHS3067 100 58.8 71.61 Ø65.5

Any quantity of PCR material can be used for the jars from 10% up to a full 100%, according to customer requirements. In addition to the jar being produced with PCR, the cap is also available in 100% PCR plastic, offering brands a stylish cosmetic jar which benefits the environment.

SR Packaging's thick wall PET jar is ideal for many personal care and beauty products including, moisturizer, night gel, targeted area treatment creams, firming cream, facial masks, skin treatments, hydrogel creams, foundation cream, gel products and more.

PET itself is environmentally friendly and highly recyclable, significantly reducing environmental and ecological impact. The PCR PET material used by SR Packaging is fully compliant to food-grade specifications, making it safe and sure for the consumer to use.

Advantages SRP's thick wall PET jar

  • PCR PET meets food-grade specifications and is certified
  • 100% use of PCR material in the jar
  • Naturally transparent and glass-like
  • Ultra thick wall affords a higher-end finished look
  • Cover with double layer design: inner layer - PP; outer layer - ABS; can use 100% PCR
  • Energy saving through recycling and reuse
  • Environmental protection as PCR PET significantly reduces carbon emissions

PET and PMMA (Acrylic) comparison table:

Material's features PET PMMA (acrylic)
Plastic usage 100% environmentally friendly recycled material (PCR) New plastic is required
Earth friendly Recyclable. Recycled PET results in significantly reduced carbon emissions Low recovery of material
Cost Low price & cost effective High unit price
Durability Excellent Good
Chemical resistance Excellent Good

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