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When airless packaging came out some years ago, it became all the rage in the beauty and personal care sectors. Airless packaging offers excellent evacuation, perfect dosing, and a stylish presentation, as well as many other benefits.

SR Packaging has released new airless packaging solutions that miraculously manage to make airless packaging even better. Dubbed "Eco-Airless", the new concept can lower ecological impact by reducing plastic use up to 70%. Eco-Airless bottles are not limited to cylindrical shapes - all sorts of irregular polygonal shapes can be achieved. No matter the configuration, the bottles remain highly resistant, coming through 1-meter drop tests totally unscathed.

To date, airless packaging has used two primary paradigms. Either the bottle was a "syringe type" with a plunger inside that helped push the product out through the top based on pressure differentials or it was a "bag in bottle" that worked in much the same way except it replaced the plunger with a collapsible flexible bag. SRP's Eco-Airless bottles are based on the latter, but much more technologically advanced.

The bottles are equipped with two plastic layers: a tough and resistant exterior made of PET-G and a highly compatible inner layer made of Surlyn. As the product is dispensed and pressure sets in, this inner Surlyn container contracts and separates evenly from the exterior PET-G bottle wall. The use of Surlyn also ensures that the container will offer proper protection against chemical and microbial contamination as well as remain neutral while holding stronger formulation. Thanks to this technology, distinctive shapes other than round are easy to create.

SR Packaging’s Eco-Airless bottles therefore use the minimum amount of plastic required and offer a truly eco-sensitive airless package. It is an updated and greener option that replaces bulky, multi-component airless packaging. It also eliminates the costly production process needed to create syringe airless bottles, which use numerous components and cost anywhere from 30% to 50% more than the Eco-Airless.

The innovation, however, does not sacrifice any of the benefits that airless packaging is known for, including:

  • No preservatives required for the formula
  • Reliable and accurate dosage
  • Instant re-prime during repeated usage
  • Product dispensing at any angle, even upside-down

SR Packaging, in one fell swoop, has managed to catapult airless packaging into a new era. Much like black and white TVs replaced by colour ones, or tube TVs replaced by flat screens, airless simply can't go back to what it was, thanks to SRP's totally new and innovative Eco-Airless packaging paradigm.

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