Pen Dropper Tube

SR Packaging combines  3 functions in one packaging and names it “Pen Dropper Tube”. It’s the pen for precise application, the dropper for easy dispensing, and the tube for flexibility of capacity. Pen Dropper Tube works for both liquid or substances of high viscosity.

The packaging is applicable to a wide range of products. Most companies adopt pen dropper tube for makeup and skin care items include:

  • For makeup items: Concealer, Lip lacquer, Lip gloss
  • For skin care items: Acne scar removal cream, Eye cream, Healing ointment

With the pointed silicone applicator, it reaches the smallest difficult spot and draws fine lines as detailed as needed. The silicone pen point goes in between toes for a pedicure, on either side of the nose, even nearby eye socket for treatment of acne scars or freckles. Benefiting from silicone pen point’s smooth surface, it allows users to receive fine glide over skin surface with a gentle touch.

Reference RT192002-ET, the currently available size for Pen Dropper Tube is 19 mm in diameter, with a capacity of 10 ml or 15 ml.

As the company grows, along with SR Packaging’s sustainable plan to offer a better and greener solution for skincare offerings, it makes all components available for post-consumer recycled resin option, and the latest Pen Dropper Tube is absolutely being included.

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