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ECO Airless Bottle patent status update

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Airless packaging can be either a "syringe-type" with a plunger inside that helps push the product out through the top based on pressure differentials or a "bag-in-bottle" that works in much the same way except that the plunger is replaced by a collapsible flexible bag. SRP's Eco Airless Bottles are the latter format, however, they are much more technologically advanced and are manufactured with 70% less plastic.

Since the initial launch of the product in 2018, ECO Airless Bottles have been opted for by brands in Australia, Israel, and China for cosmetic products. Now, it will be featured in sustainable skincare projects and distributed across Europe, the Middle East, North America, and Asia. 

With the US and Taiwan patents already granted and the China patent is pending, the exclusive and novel technologies for SRP's ECO Airless Bottles are all in place for promising future partnerships.

Taiwan Patent I658970

United States Patent 10882240


Eco Airless Bottle, PCR Airless Bottle, and the refillable solution

Make your brand sustainable

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