FREE stock bottles with the purchase of closures

SR Packaging is giving away stock bottles with the purchase of closures. 

Get the new bottles for free, with the purchase of 18/410, 20/410, 24/410 pumps, sprayers, disc top caps, flip top caps, and screw caps.

First come first served, clearance sale

To facilitate easy personal hygiene across North America, SR Packaging is offering stock bottles in a variety of different capacities from the company's New Jersey distribution center for free to customers when purchasing from its range of closures. 

All of the bottles and closures are compatible with hand sanitizer formulations in addition to liquid soap and other personal care products, enabling consumers to keep their skin clean and germ-free.

Shipping costs are handled by the customer, please contact to order. 

SR Packaging's available closure options

closure neck size

closure type

color, material

28/410 2 cc pump-B white, PP
24/410 2 cc pump-C  white, PP
24/410 1 cc pump-A   white, PP
24/410 1 cc pump-D white, PP
24/410 Sprayer white, PP
24/410 Disc top cap matte black, PP
24/410 Flip top cap glossy black, PP
24/410 Flip top cap matte black, PP
18/410 Sprayer white, PP
18/410 Screw cap white, PP

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