The FIRST in the world! Ocean Waste Plastic Airless Bottle

The earliest ECO Airless, the later PCR Airless, and now it's the latest, the first in the world, exclusive OWP75 Airless Bottle ready to meet all clean beauty needs.

SR Packaging is the first company to launch ocean waste plastic airless packaging and utilize the recycled HDPE produced from post-use fishing nets, ropes, and trawls collected from the maritime industry, to make the OWP75 Airless Bottle for clean beauty products.

The brand new OWP75 airless bottle lowers marine pollution, reducing CO2 emissions by 85% compared to the use of virgin plastic. The use of recycled ocean waste plastic is considered a contribution towards ecological efforts to clean the ocean and save marine lives.

✔ Green Beauty

✔ Blue Beauty

✔ Clean Skincare

Consumers demand sustainable packaging products with transparency in their manufacturing, and brands and suppliers are responding. The OWP75 Airless Bottle fits all the criteria for limiting consumer impact on our planet and its inhabitants, actively contributing to a healthier Earth while protecting toxin-free ingredients without preservatives.

The FIRST in the world! Ocean Waste Plastic Airless Bottle

The OWP75 Airless bottle is a patented bag-in-bottle airless design, with 75% ocean waste plastic plus 25% virgin plastic for the exterior wall and a 100% vacuum-seal thin virgin plastic film inside to protect the toxin-free skincare formulation. It has infinite design potential for unlimited shapes and matches with either an airless sprayer or an airless pump for up-side-down 360° dispensing.

Please email and start a Blue Beauty Project.

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