PCR PE Tottle for sustainable skincare claims, and it's squeezable for easier dispensing.

The PCR PE tottle with a PP flip-top cap is a sustainable fit for water-based skincare & toiletry products and waterless cleansing products that are in the trend.

Using post-consumer recycled resin for most skincare, personal care, and toiletry solutions, SR Packaging continues the development with a new style of PCR PE tottle. The target is vast water-based skincare & toiletry product needs and the rising trend of water-less cleansing such as dry shampoo and powder cleansers. 

Why PE tottles? 

The upside-down, tube-alike tottle standing on the cap is a common application for beauty and hygiene usage. The PE tottle, made with post-consumer recycled resin, is shock-absorbent and chemical resistant, suitable for any water-based, emulsified formulae or water-less cleansing powders.

The PE tottle itself is squeezable. A gently light squeeze allows users to dispense the product via the small aperture of the flip-top cap. The surface of the tottle has a soft-touch texture without extra process.

Why PCR? 

Plastics are a valuable material to deliver consumer products efficiently, and the global goal today is to make sure it stays in the business cycle instead of jeopardizing the ecosystem.

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle is the 3Rs gold rule for product design, while many sustainable schemes are on the table, and the increase of recycled plastic content is one of the most attainable subjects. To use recycled plastic is not only easily achievable and has all ranges of packaging possibilities. 

More information is available here: PCR Packaging questions answered

The PCR PE tottle (ref. CHS6088B can be a shampoo, shower gel, sanitizer gel, body lotion, or cleansing powder. Its straight-lined cylindrical shape offers a large printing area. Along with various decoration methods, contact us to create a stunning visual design for the next project. 

PCR PE tottle


OFC 113 ml

H. 152.7 mm 

W. 43.4 mm

Weight 24.6 g

PP flip-top cap

H. 30.5 mm

Dia. 39 mm

Aperture: 1.48 mm

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