LocPod, Twist-lock PCR Airless Jar

LocPod is the eCommerce-ready PCR airless packaging that inspires beauty brands to deliver both luxury and sustainability in a carefree skincare product.

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Twist-lock Dispenser of Simple On-off Mechanism

LocPod has an easy-to-use, lockable airless dispensing pump of 0.2 ml output. With a simple twist to the right, users can elegantly press the pump with a precise dosage of natural, organic, clean beauty products. And another twist to the left, the pump sits back to its locking status.

POM-FREE back-suction pump

The entire dispensing mechanism is POM-free and implements SRP’s back-suction pump feature to secure consumer health while offering a tidy, residue-free usage ensuring the best user experience possible.

eCommerce-ready, secured delivery without leakage

LocPod is to withstand the rigors of the e-commerce pick, pack, and ship practices, helping brand owners avoid costly prep fees for bagging and taping.

High-viscous waterless beauty has a match.

Instead of a spatula, LocPod’s one-piece twist-lock dispenser enables concentrated, high-viscous, balm-like cream dispensing for the rising waterless beauty products. 

No spatula, clean dispensing for viscous butter & balm.

It also allows users to empty the product without scraping the bottom of the packaging.


LocPod is a work of aesthetics with eco-friendly recycled plastic material application and reduces 70% plastic usage than the conventional syringe-type airless bottle.

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