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Sleek solution for healthy snack

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The EasySnacking™ pot from RPC Superfos is providing a Norwegian dairy with an innovative and image-enhancing packaging solution.

Organic dairy Rørosmeieriet was seeking a pack that would support the creative profile of the dairy. The company is now using the sleek EasySnacking pot for its Niste range of yoghurt with muesli topping, as well as for sour creams.

“Opting for the EasySnacking pot brought Rørosmeieriet both novelty and branding value,” explains Trond Vilhelm Lund, Rørosmeieriet’s CEO. “The sleek and characteristic design ensures our products stand out on the shelf and makes it easier for consumers to recognise our Niste yoghurt. We are thrilled with the EasySnacking™ design as it supports our creative profile and allows us to take a lead in the market, even though we are not among the biggest players.”

The EasySnacking pot provides the ideal pack for a healthy and quick meal to be enjoyed on the go. The pack contains natural yoghurt, or natural yoghurt with a lingonberry blend at the bottom, while the crunchy muesli with dried fruit is conveniently placed in the lid. The pack is handy and re-closable and incorporates a spoon under a tear-off label in the lid.

For organic sour cream, Rørosmeieriet uses a version of the EasySnacking pot which comes with a flat lid and no spoon.

In addition to its user-friendly features, the EasySnacking pot also provides a solution for increased sustainability.

“We appreciate that the pots from RPC Superfos are 100% recyclable as they are made from nothing but PP (polypropylene); the best possible type of plastic which makes good sense for our organic products,” says Trond Vilhelm Lund.

“Rørosmeieriet is known for being one step ahead of the competition and using responsible and sustainable packaging solutions is and will be important for us in the future.”

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