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10 ml, 20 ml and 30 ml Glass Bottles with Dropper. The dropper collar made of PETG it also can be made from PP, it has a silicone bulb which can be made from TPE or NBR. The bottles can be customized by color coating, printing, and hot stamping. Shiny or frosty finish. The dropper custom coloring can be made by injection color, or coating. 💡 The inner bottom being curved as it is, can assure the user of enjoying every drop of the product!

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Baby powder is not just for babies. 
And is an intelligent choice for the green cosmetics industry, not just a DIY niche.

The 50 ml & 100 ml capacity HDPE bottles and dedicated cap can be customized by injection color, silk printing and hot stamping, and labeling.
New custom molds can be made when required.

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