The Award-Winning 100% PP Mono Airless Range

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Taesung Group is committed to providing high-quality and sustainable packaging solutions for the cosmetic market, offering a wide range of products including jars, pumps, droppers and airless packs.

The recent sustainable collection, the 100% PP Mono Airless, was presented the IT Award in the Packaging Category at the 2022 MakeUp New York awards.

100% PP Mono Airless

Airless packaging solutions have become an essential for the cosmetic industry due to the wide benefits it presents for brands, allowing for more active ingredients and preventing contamination.

Taesung’s 100% PP Mono Airless range is reliable, eco-friendly and versatile, coming in 5 volumes ranging from 30ml to 120ml with 3 sizes in 3 different styles. The packs are suitable for a range of products including lotions and creams. Taesung also offers 100% PP Mono airless solutions for essences too, in sizes 30ml and 50ml with a choice of two different styles.

Advanced technology

The 100% PP Mono Airless is the world’s first PP mono-material airless to pass the 600mmHg leakage test and to dispense a 0.5cc dosage.


Made exclusively from PP, without the presence of PE or Elastomer, these packs present a high level of recyclability, offering an advanced packaging solution for sustainability. As the packs are 100% mono-material and metal-free, end consumers do not need to separate the parts when recycling, making it effortless to recycle.

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