Sustainability Range: PP Mono Material Dropper

  • Taesung

As part of its sustainability range, Taesung has created mono-material cosmetic packaging solutions completed using PP plastic. Among the collection is the PP Mono Material Dropper, where the bottle, pipette and cap have all been produced using the recyclable PP plastic.

Apart from a high level of recyclability, the PP also provides a strong dependable structure that can also achieve an elegant transparency that is reminiscent of glass, but without its fragility.

The dropper provides a reliable dosing of 0.2cc discharge from the pipette making the dropper ideal for skin care routines and treatments. The pipette fills by the pushing of button found at the top of the bottle. Unlike conventional droppers, Taesung’s PP Mono Dropper has been able to feature a filling mechanism in the same material as both the cap and the bottle.

To see more mono-material solutions visit the catalog or contact Taesung for more information

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