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Targeting effective hygiene solutions, TKPC's Spray Sterilized Pumps are specially designed to enhance user safety and convenience when using liquid formulations. The innovative pumps address critical needs in hand washing and disinfectant application, setting a higher standard in cleanliness and usability than most lotion pumps in the market.

Enhanced Hygiene Features

TKPC’s Spray Sterilized Pumps integrate features that prioritize hygiene and user convenience:

  • Splash-Preventing End: This key design element ensures that when dispensing disinfectant solutions, splashes are minimized, thus reducing mess and ensuring cleaner application. This is particularly crucial in environments where cleanliness and precision are important, such as health care facilities, food preparation areas, and even hand wash stations in retail environments.
  • Long Tilted Nozzle: The pumps are equipped with a long tilted nozzle. This innovative design serves multiple purposes:
    • Prevention of Contamination: By keeping the nozzle tilted and away from potential surfaces of contamination, the risk of germs or dirt entering the nozzle is significantly reduced.
    • Precise Dispensing: The elongated nozzle allows for precise targeting of where the product is dispensed, ensuring efficient coverage and minimizing wastage.

Versatile Compatibility

TKPC understands the diversity in packaging requirements across different industries and consumer preferences. Therefore, the Spray Sterilized Pumps are available in various diameter sizes to match different bottle neck types:

  • 28/410
  • 33/410
  • 38/410

This versatility ensures that TKPC’s pumps can integrate with a wide range of bottle types commonly used for cleansing products. Whether for personal use at home, in professional settings, or in industrial applications, there’s a TKPC pump to fit the needs. Let your brand ensure safe hygiene practices with TKPC’s Spray Sterilized Pumps.

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