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Donation to L-Istrina

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As we've been doing for the past twelve years, the disposition to donate money for charitable causes remains close to Toly’s heart.

In 2018, a donation was appointed to the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation, allowing us to end the year how we tend to carry on - by helping those in need.

A donation of €3k was given, where the money will be directed towards the foundation that aims to improve the quality of life and care of individuals and society in general, without any form of discrimination on the basis of social class, gender identity, age, ability, health, status or religion.

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Toly Makes a Positive Impact this Valentine's Day

Valentine’s is the day we celebrate love, a day of gratitude where we want to offer gifts to someone and bring joy in seeing a smile on that special someone’s face. When Toly came in contact with brother Johan, a Salesian of Don Bosco and got exposed to all the wonderous things they plan on building for the Salesian kids. We knew instinctly that by helping in donating it wasn’t one smile we were reaching but the smile of many which touched Toly’s heart.

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