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Toly Donates 3D Printer to MCAST students

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For the past 12 years, Toly has been collaborating with the educational institute
MCAST Art and Design. This year, the students reading for a degree in Product
Design were given a project related to packaging product design using either
plastic or cardboard.

Students were required to research, plan and design the product in a creative
manner using programs so as to produce 3D models and prototypes.

The students were given five areas to focus on;

• Mascara Issues – problem solving smudging
• Sustainability – Eco-friendly packaging – Refillability
• Liquid Foundation – a new way of packaging liquid foundation
• New Application System for Lips
• Advent Calendars

Throughout the year students were visiting the Corporate Office to show the
Concept Design team, Innovation and Marketing on how they were getting on
with their assignment, while being provided with feedback.

Every year Toly sponsors MCAST with materials and machinery for the students
to make use of while furthering their studies. And this year Toly sponsored a 3D
printer to the school, which the students were really grateful for.

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