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Toly is Different and we are 'Playing to Win'

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Playing to Win 
Recover… Reinvent… Reignite 
Simon Sinek talks about playing an infinite game, which means that companies need to keep reinventing themselves to stay relevant, such that they can be passed on from generation to generation. 
This is a long-term strategy. 
This is exactly what Toly has been doing with our vision of creating a global beauty product development platform. 
But for 2021, as a company we need to “play to win, as opposed to playing not to lose or just playing to stay in the game.” 
The world has been hit, our industry has been hit, and many companies are just trying to survive. 
By focusing on survival, they are rationalising their business, they are making redundancies, they are cutting costs, but they are not focusing on innovation and the future.  
Toly is different. Yes, we have lost sales in 2020, but we have continued to invest in our people, in our capabilities, and in creativity.  

So let us talk about the next three important words: Recover, Reinvent, and Reignite.  
1. Recover  
There is still plenty of business available for us, but we must all focus on winning.  
This will help us recover faster than our competitors and build a strong platform for future growth and success.  
2. Reinvent  
COVID-19 has changed the world, and in some cases there will be no going back.  
In the middle of the crisis I said that for Toly:  “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but instead it is about learning how to dance in the rain.”  
This is all about reinvention.  
How can we connect differently with our customers, with a stronger digital strategy and stronger value proposition, and
How can we focus on offering creative solutions that disrupt the market.  
And finally,  
3. Reignite  
We need to set the market on fire and reignite our passion for this business, to always be one step ahead.  

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