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Toly Invests in Sustainability

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On May 13th, Toly welcomed the Honourable Miriam Dalli – Minister for Energy, Enterprise, and Sustainable Development, along with the Chairman and CEO of Malta Enterprise to its Malta factory.

During the press conference, Andy Gatesy, Chairman & CEO of the Toly Group, highlighted Toly’s 50-years of manufacturing in Malta, and its investment in sustainable operations and future outlays.

Toly is one of the world's leading beauty packaging manufacturers in the cosmetic, fragrance and skin care industries providing creative solutions for cosmetic packaging, with a matrix of offices globally.

The new 20,000sqm plant was inaugurated in 2019 and has been designed from the outset to be sustainable. In line with that, the company have invested in the latest technologies, the most energy efficient equipment along with, geothermal cooling and heat recovery from air compressors and chillers to be used in other production processes.

This pandemic has negatively affected the beauty industry causing the 30% drop in make-up sales. However, it is a resilient industry therefore it is expected to bounce back strongly and resume its path which is predicted to grown over the next ten years at a 4.8% compound annual growth rate.

‘The support from the government, including the Covid-19 wage supplements, has helped Toly weather this storm, and we are now working together to see how we can rebound stronger and sustainable as ever’ Andy Gatesy stated during Minister Dalli’s visit.

The push for sustainability, has led Toly to reduce its emissions and remain one step ahead by offering sustainable packaging solutions with eco materials, which are either recyclable, contain recycled materials or are bio-based or biodegradable to suit consumer’s demand.

Over the last year, Toly have invested in 3 new electric moulding machines. In addition, over the next 3 years, the company plans to purchase an additional 20 machines to replace the current ones resulting, at a cost of €2.5million resulting in electricity saving of around 80%.  

Toly are planning on investing €500,000 to install photovoltaic solar panels on the roof. This will generate 400KW/h of energy and result in just under 20% of the company’s total consumption, with a reduction outcome of 2,000 tonnes in CO2 emissions.

Minister Dalli highlighted that Toly is a resilient company and leads the group from Malta. Despite, its drop in sales in 2019, the company has not lost it is focus upon sustainability nor it is ambition for future growth. In line with that, the government and Malta Enterprise are committed to supporting manufacturing companies especially when it comes to investing in energy efficiency, contributing better to the environment and supporting an innovative and forward-looking mindset.

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