Toly Expands its Manufacturing Capabilities by Opening New Plant in Korea

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After 2 and a half years, in June we managed to visit Korea and spend time with our teams, manufacturing plants, and partners.

Despite the lack of physical presence, our commitment towards Korea as well as our investment has not slowed down.

In March we opened a brand new manufacturing plant, built from scratch in less than 18 months. 
This new plant houses our AOKI stretch injection blow moulding machines producing PET jars and bottles for the beauty industry.
This new facility complements our existing Toly Korea manufacturing plant. 
A fully vertically integrated plant incorporating injection moulding, metallising, inside coating, decoration, and automated assembly.

Within our Toly Korea manufacturing plants, we specialise in bottles and jars, cushion compacts, droppers, dispensers, and loose powder containers.

Since 2008, we have also had a joint venture manufacturing plant focused on airless packaging – TAP Korea - Toly Airless Packaging - which moved into a new 20,000 sqm purpose-built facility in 2019 with key technology and focus on pump manufacturing.

I am always impressed by our manufacturing capability in Korea. 
State-of-the-art, fully integrated facilities offering the highest quality packaging for the beauty industry, specialising in highly decorative packs and complex production.

Our Toly Korea trading office supports our manufacturing plants dealing daily with our global sales organisation to support customer requests and support the development of new products.
Being a privately owned business our aim is to be different and think different for a sustainable future.

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