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Toly's Paperfoam Godet Holder finalist for MakeUp LA Packaging Innovation Award

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Our Paperfoam Godet Holder has been selected as a finalist in the packaging innovation category in the MakeUp in LA awards! Our innovative product was shortlisted by the jury members along with 23 finalists after a thorough examination of more than 120 submissions.

PaperFoam specializes in eco-friendly packaging solutions. The biodegradable material causes minimal harm to the environment and is 100% home-compostable and recyclable along with cardboard. The unique molding process allows us to create forms and shapes not possible with conventional card manufacturing. The godet holder design allows for easy refills of a pack by pushing out the godet from a hole on the bottom of the holder.

📅 Join us on the 16th of February to find out the results of the jury's deliberations and see our Paperfoam Godet Holder in action.

📍 The ceremony will take place in the Innovation & Trends area near the coffee station at the entrance of the show. Be sure to stop by our stand, C05 to see more exciting innovations using this amazing material.

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Our paperfoam godet holder is a revolutionary packaging solution that is both eco-friendly and unique. The biodegradable material is 100% home-compostable and recyclable along with paper. The unique molding process also allows us to create forms and shapes that are not possible with conventional card manufacturing. Additionally, the godet holder design allows the consumer to easily refill the pack by pushing out the godet from a hole in the bottom of the holder.

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