Are you ready to get your hands on the Auto Priming Dropper?

Introducing the revolutionary Auto-Priming Dropper, designed to make your life easier!  

Crafted with precision using high-quality PETG material, and metalized to perfection, this dropper offers a premium look and feel that will surely leave a lasting impression. 

Our Auto-Priming Dropper is the perfect solution for brands that want to offer luxury packaging solutions with innovative features. The Auto-Priming feature is what sets this dropper apart from the rest. With just one twist of the cap, you can get the exact amount of product you need thanks to the measured dose feature. No more guessing or messy spills, just easy functionality and precision. 

Using the Auto-Priming Dropper is simple and effortless. Just twist the dropper cap while mounted on the container, and the pipette will automatically fill up and prime the perfect dose. To release the liquid onto the desired spot, just press the button at the top of the dropper.  

Available in the popular sizes of 15ml and 30ml, these droppers are perfect for a wide range of formulas.  

At Toly, we pride ourselves on providing innovative solutions to the beauty industry. Our Auto-Priming Dropper is the result of meticulous research and development to ensure the best performance possible. We believe that this dropper is the perfect addition to any beauty routine, and a must-have for brands that want to offer their customers a premium experience. 

Don't miss out! Explore Toly's e-Catalogue to discover the potential of Auto priming Droppers and gain valuable insights into their unique functionalities.


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