Dense, sumptuous foam from S Pack's latest foamer

Foam products are well known in the depilation and hair styling markets, but many more beauty products are now being offered as foam formulations for the soft, velvety texture that is easy to apply to any area with a single hand.

S Pack's newest foamer benefits the same advanced dispensing technology for which the Taiwanese packaging manufacturer is recognized and dispenses foam that is notably more dense and durable than most others available on the market.

The foam actuator is easy to mobilize with a single finger in order to create a rich, tight and dense foam ready to apply, opening up new opportunities for skin care products.

Benefiting from an 'outer spring' foam indenter in its design, S Pack's fastidious foamer ensures that the formulation does not come into contact with the spring, resulting in a sumptuous, creamy foam with each actuation.

The foamer is priced very competitively. Get in contact to find out more!

Images: Rich, dense foam with excellent foaming; external spring design.

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