S Pack's Boston Series airless metal-free dispensing solution

With the introduction of its airless Boston Series, S Pack highlights yet again why it is a proven trusted partner in Asia for the beauty and cosmetic industries.

S Pack offers complete packaging solutions for both standard packaging products to custom design packaging and the new patented design of its airless Boston Series with offers many benefits to beauty brands.

Benefits of S Pack's airless Boston Series

  • The pump nozzle is sized so that it is easier and more comfortable for the end-user to press the pump with a single finger.
  • The base of the bottle is a separate piece so that it can offer color differentiation or be color-matched to the pump collar for a consistent look.
  • The metal-free pump design ensures that the formulation is protected from any contamination.
  • S Pack can easily incorporate the airless Boston into a stylish collection as it offers other Boston lotion bottles and jars.

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