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An inside look with S Pack inside its cosmetic pump packaging

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One of the key beliefs at S Pack is that "great packaging requires the best pump engine". There are no shortcuts to creating highly functional packaging. Every product and formulation have their own unique requirements and as a packaging manufacturer and supplier, it is our role to ensure that those requirements are met each and every time. Packaging that looks good on the outside will catch the consumer's eye, but any success will be short-lived.

The best packaging development starts by looking at the inside and the functionality. That's why S Pack uses the No.1 core pump technology from Taiwan and Japan.

Following years of development and experience, S Pack is highly accomplished in precision molding and understands recognizes the requirement for nothing less than the best in its products. Whether producing skincare pumps, airless packs, cream jars or any other cosmetic packaging, all S Pack's complete packaging assemblies have complete functionality at their core. High-quality packaging can only be achieved when the process starts on the inside, otherwise customer and consumer requirements will not be met.

How does S Pack ensure technical proficiency from its partners?

Our principal technical partner is Sunrise Pumps. This is significant as both S Pack and Sunrise Pumps appertain to Chun Jing Enterprise Co Ltd and therefore share many common ideologies.

All of Sunrise Pumps' core technology is developed in-house — molding, production, assembly... Everything is 100% completed by Sunrise Pumps independently which ensures that every technical part of the pump engine is envisioned and mastered. Nothing is overlooked.

In combination, our airless pump packs have adopted piston oil-free technology which is a reflection of the high-end technology of precision molding and injection. Our pump engines go through many layers of testing before our main customers —global mega brands such as Unilever, Procter & Gamble and L'Oréal— adopt them for their products.

Why do global brands choose S Pack?

At S Pack, we offer brands many advantages through our capabilities. We have mold tooling ability. The experience and expertise of our Research and Development team can accurately develop products from a concept to a physical product while taking into account the future derivatives of the mold and the maximum utilization of that mold.

Our own capabilities employed in conjunction with our partners' expertise ensure a great product throughout its lifetime. As the core of a professional network of packaging suppliers across China and Taiwan, we can cherry-pick the best of the best as our working partners.

Have US-China trade relations affected S Pack?

Yes, the restrictions on trade from China to the US have affected our company because they have made our flexible production capacity even stronger. It's not known how long the restrictions will be in place for, however, they have actually worked in our favor, highlighting the benefits of our responsive production.

Our experience and intricate knowledge of different packaging types mean that we can seamlessly transfer production from China to Taiwan. This flexibility is a significant strength in our favor for brands that require stability. We have complete production lines for different packaging - blow molded bottles, blow injection bottles, injected bottles and other components.

What options can S Pack offer customers through flexible its production and partnerships?

In addition to our own production, we strategically select top-level satellite partners in order to offer increased packaging solutions which incorporate innovative and market-led features.

S Pack Select is our offering through these exclusive partnerships with leading manufacturers.

Our glass packaging solutions are a good example of S Pack Select products. We offer various glass packaging options —jars, ampoules, tubular glass, droppers, opal glass...— and combine them with functional, stylish pumps, and accessories.

Does S Pack have any new products launching soon?

One of the areas in which S Pack is highly specialized is in jar packaging products. We have combined our know-how with Sunrise Pumps airless technology to develop a new concept of a brand new, truly airless jar.

We have already patented this new product so it will be launched onto the market very soon. We are continuing our work in the development of new packaging concepts, and as always, these will consolidate style with perfect functionality for which we are known.

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