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Undisputed Leader of Rigid Packaging, invites you to their 3D Expo Booth

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TricorBraun, the undisputed leader in rigid packaging and related services, invites you to their 3D Expo Booth.

On display, you will find "Now Trending" packaging solutions for various markets, as well as critical information regarding the success of Tricor Braun. Through hard work, perseverance, and innovation, the company has LIVE 3D displays of select designs, molds, engineering capabilities, and a broad selection of packaging solutions such as:

  • The All-Plastic Trigger Sprayer, the cross-market all-purpose sprayer providing a high-velocity output for various liquid formulations.
  • Metal-Free All-Plastic Pumps excellent for dispensing soaps to sanitizers to lotions, an ideal packaging solution for today's environmentally friendly consumer.
  • Biotrē 3.0, the 16 oz custom order plant-based packaging material, perfect for specialty products such as granola, chocolates, nuts, pet treats, and supplements.
  • Recyclable and compostable 16oz Eco. Bottles® the lightweight, sustainable packaging solution using 70% less plastic than traditional all-plastic bottles.
  • Mono-material deodorant tubes that are intuitive and easy to use.
  • PCR (post-consumer resin) solid stick tubes for sustainable personal care markets.
  • How2Recycle pre-approved, flexible polyethylene (PE) film packaging materials.
  • Recyclable push-up paper tubes that are durable and able to withstand normal use.
  • Refillable airless bottles and refillable jars suitable for a variety of personal care products.

Environmental and hygiene-related concerns are influencing new product launches and innovations. LIVE 3D models can be viewed from various angles, and descriptive PDFs are available for visitors to explore from any computer at any time of day. Webpackaging LIVE is an "always open" exhibition where visitors from all corners of the globe can view packaging solutions and learn more about TricorBraun.


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