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    Trivium products for paints and coatings

    • Trivium

    Trivium products for paints and coatings allow you to take full advantage of metal’s protection and sustainability while developing a distinctive look for your brand through our shaping and decoration capabilities.

    The Right Package for Every Product

    Trivium metal packaging provides the ultimate in protection for your paints and coatings, even in harsh working conditions and temperatures. With our metal packaging you have the confidence your product is in non-permeable, resealable, recyclable and safe packaging.

    Our solutions include a range of UN-approved metal packaging and are supported by a variety of easy-to-open and recloseable packing solutions, including our patented SpringLatch pail lid.

    Trivium offers a complete range of packaging solutions for paints and coatings, including:

    • Lever-lid cans
    • Lever-lid pails
    • Conical pails and drums
    • Pails
    • Canisters
    • Dome top cans
    • Aerosols in various shapes and sizes

    Click here to see our metal packaging options for Paints & Coatings in 3D.

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