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Trivium receives international design award for Cocinero aerosol

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A well-known sunflower edible oil brand in Argentina has now been brought to the attention of a worldwide audience by winning a major international packaging award.

Cocinero Clasico Oil’s distinctive aluminium aerosol can produced by Trivium Packaging Argentina overcame strong competition in the prestigious aerosol and bottles category at the 2020 International Metal Decorating and Packaging Association (IMDPA) Awards.

Central to its success is the close working relationship between the brand’s owners, Molinos Rio de la Plata and Trivium. Design and marketing teams from both companies combined to ensure that every detail of the product’s branding was faithfully reproduced.

“Our challenge was to ensure that Cocinero Fritolim Clasico would bear all the hallmarks of the Cocinero brand and be instantly recognisable by its loyal consumers,” explained Santiago Perez Hernando, Trivium’s Commercial Director, Americas Aerosol and Beverages, Argentina.

“We are very proud of the result, and the award is a fitting tribute to the quality and workmanship of my colleagues and their ability to create maximum effect through the dry offset printing process at our Pilar, Buenos Aires plant,” he added.

Cocinero is a popular leading brand in many Argentine households. Molinos Rio de la Plata S.A. produces, markets and exports foods including oil, flour, pasta, rice, and cake mixes, among other products. The Company is also a big player within the wine industry in Argentina. It operates industrial facilities and distribution centers in Argentina and exports its products to more than 20 countries.

The annual IMDPA award honours outstanding performance among its 600 individual and 200 corporate members, who can show exceptional quality and precise consistency in the pursuit of decorating and packaging excellence.

For more information on Trivium's range of aerosols, please click here.

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