Trivium Packaging

Trivium Packaging

Committed to sustainable metal packaging that drives exceptional value for customers and the planet, We are a global leader in metal packaging. We Contain What Matters.


At Trivium, we are committed to sustainable metal packaging that drives exceptional value for our customers and the planet. Not only does metal protect products better than any other material, but it’s also infinitely recyclable—making it the environmental champion of all packaging.

A proven leader in all of our diverse business lines, we continuously bring innovative metal packaging to the market. Our expanded global network of award-winning design capabilities can help ensure your products stand out at the point of sale and beyond.


At Trivium, our mission is to:

  • Maintain a safe and environmentally friendly manufacturing process;
  • Serve our customers with quality products;
  • Provide innovative metal containers;
  • Relentlessly pursue operational excellence; and
  • Deliver shareholder value through sustainable and profitable growth of our business.

Trivium Packaging is the largest manufacturer of impact extruded aluminum containers in the world. While the company has reached its global leadership position in a relatively short period of time, the business had a very modest beginning. From the onset the organization was driven by a commitment to be the very best.


Discover a wide range of infinitely recyclable metal packaging, designed to meet the specific needs of your products and add value to your business.

A global leader recognised for our innovative metal packaging production, we welcome the opportunity to collaborate on a one-of-a-kind solution for your brand.



At Trivium Packaging, we pride ourselves on our ingenuity, continually pursuing innovative production technologies to create breakthrough metal packaging for industry-leading global brands.

Find our highly versatile and infinitely recyclable packaging solutions helping drive sales throughout major markets.