Foundation Packaging Tube Series

  • UDN Packaging Corporation

UDN's Foundation Packaging Tube Series includes a wide range of packs such as the Pump Tube, Oval Tube (Ultra Slim Tube), Round Tube and Brush Tube.

The Pump Tube allows for precise control over the amount of foundation. The pump design ensures smooth dispensing of thick foundation. Stable and durable, it is a good choice for most foundation products.

The Oval Type (Ultra- Slim Tube) have wider dispensing orifices, suitable for foundations with good fluidity. The shape facilitates a comfortable grip and is convenient for portability. It's convenient for brand designs with a large surface.

The Brush Tube, with a built-in brush head, is well-suited as an introductory foundation product. The brush head design enables quick and even application of foundation, facilitating seamless integration with skin for a flawless makeup.

The Round Tube has a classic and sturdy design. The orifice size is suitable for various textures of foundation. It’s a common packaging choice for foundation.

The Sponge Tube and The Replaceable Sponge Tube with a makeup sponge, is for easy and even application of liquid foundation. Convenient and quick, suitable for lazy people and beginners.

To see the full range of tubes visit the catalog or contact UDN for more information

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