AllPlastic Bellows Pump is Now More Sustainable Than Ever

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UKPACK has made more advancements in providing its customers with sustainable packaging solutions and can announce that the AllPlastic Pump has become easier to recycle, helping brands meet their sustainability goals. 

UKPACK's AllPlastic Pump now contains 100% polyolefin materials, which will make the recyclability process ready for a circular economy. The enhanced AllPlastic Bellows Pumps provide ease of recycling, yet with the same performance as previous TPE model.

The AllPlastic Pump has a bellows technology that replaces the metal spring, delivering an eco-friendly solution to customers and consumers. The innovative look is designed to reflect sustainability and to be 100% recyclable with the lowest carbon footprint, without sacrificing on performance. This makes it simple for consumers to do the right thing for the environment in recycling the full packaging.

AllPlastic Bellows Pump is Now More Sustainable Than Ever

For more details contact the UKPACK team.

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