Big Capacity Airless Bottles: The Bigger The Better

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Airless packaging technology is usually reserved for smaller volumes, meaning larger high-viscosity products are missing out on the benefits of airless protection.

UKPack has filled the gap in the market by creating its Big Capacity Airless Bottles designed to accommodate a wider variety of products.

The Big-capacity airless bottles are specialized containers designed to hold and dispense skincare, cosmetic, or personal care products in larger volumes compared to standard-sized airless bottles.

They typically come in capacities ranging from 300ml to 1000ml, providing a significant volume for storing products.
Say farewell to preservatives and hello to reduced contamination, product freshness and effectiveness with zero product waste.

Get in contact with UKPack for more information, find Big Capacity Airless Bottles (UKA22) and more in the catalog

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