A Korean cosmetic packaging supplier dedicated to providing total services to each customer’s requirements in the industries of cosmetic, skincare, and personal care products with trending packaging designs and finish options.

With more than 20 years of experience, UNICOA has developed partnerships with many manufacturers throughout South Korea, providing innovative packaging in domestic and overseas markets, and making UNICOA a strong competitor with high-quality products that satisfy its customers.

UNICOA provides packaging solutions to customers with various packaging components and designs. With the uttermost care and services, UNICOA can provide decorating services, custom mold tooling services, and logistic services.

UNICOA also provides strict quality control so that defects are minimized during mass production while quality is maintained. Foremost, UNICOA can offer alternative options or designs for customers to save costs.

UNICOA supplies packaging in plastic and glass materials with different designs and varieties of airless, dispensers, droppers, jars, tubes, tottles, compacts, pallets, lips, eyes, fragrances, foamers, and others.

UNICOA can also proceed with turnkey and full-service developments based on customers’ requirements with concepts of vegan formulation and animal cruelty-free formulations. Therefore, UNICOA is not only limited to packaging but can fulfill any formulation required.

If you are seeking quality service and packaging components, why not work with UNICOA?

From packaging to formulations, UNICOA can ensure you quality products.