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    Set up the color and logo of your personalised pipette and contact us through this page.

    This new product has a lot of advantages

    • Full dispensing of the product thanks to the round shape
    • No loss of product, no product remaining in the pipette
    • 3 hole safety system
    • Full set of options (Innovative adaptors with a wiper function to wipe off the product clinging to the pipette)
    • No contact with the product
    • Non traumatic and ergonomic
    • Full capacity range: From 3ml to 10ml

    After a lot of laboratory tests, the first sales had been realized in Germany for pediatric syrups. Since the sales are increasing quickly as the market feedbacks are very positive.

    DOS'UP Plus pipette : dosage for Syrups and Oral Suspensions

    • Material: PP
    • New innovative Atraumatic Rounded-End 3 Holes safety system
    • Wide range of volume (3-5-6-8-10 ml), Customizable colours and graduations & printing
    • Packaging: Bulk in bag with sealed closure / flowpack individual or multiple
    • Dispensing precision, high transparency for improved legibility
    • CE Marking Food and/or Farmacopeia grade materials

    About UNION PLASTIC, global expert for Healthcare Industries.

    Since 1955, UNION PLASTIC design and manufactures innovative healthcare industry-specific plastic solutions. Its expertise and know-how are recognized worldwide: Pharmaceutical - Veterinary - Medical - Diagnostics.

    UNION PLASTIC belongs to OMERIN Group since 2015, an international group to support your project.

    • 900 people
    • 9 production units
    • € 165M in consolidated turnover (Forecast 2016)
    • Export: 45%



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