Packaging for skin care, make up, hair and nail treatments and cosmetics by Virospack, Spain.

VIROSPACK is the world leading manufacturer of cosmetic droppers for skin care, hair and nail treatments, cosmetics and liquid foundation.

Known for its quality in production and service, Virospack offers a large range of standards easy to customise, as well as client specific developments.

Founded in 1956 in Barcelona, Spain, Virospack is a family owned business that has its origins in formulating rubber for pharmaceutical purposes. Producing rubber bulbs, droppers and stoppers for the pharmaceutical sector, until in the early seventies, the company then entered the high quality cosmetic packaging industry manufacturing and developing from then droppers for cosmetics, a long professional trajectory of expertise and quality as assurance of success.

One of the unique features of Virospack is its in-house development and manufacturing of all components and also all decoration processes. Many types of droppers for the most important worldwide cosmetic brands -classic and push button droppers, standard or specific designs, regular or promotional size…- with different kinds of finishes and decoration, have been produced in Virospack's factory, all operated under one roof, ensuring quality and security in the results.

Virospack develops, manufactures and decorates all components, not subcontracting, improving the reactivity for the increasing demand and offering a faster answer than competitors. A reactivity that is a guarantee for brands that have every day shorter deadlines for their launches.

Virospack has always focused on innovation. Its R&D department, working closely with the technical team, has developed lots of very well recognized droppers. Developments that sometimes have changed the market, become a trend or that are recognized as a value of the brand.

Betting on the future and aware of the ever stronger demand of brands, Virospack started four years ago an expansion process that is culminating this 2017 with the inauguration of its new and modern factory. An expansion realized in two phases responding to the needs of the market, the company's commitment to protecting the environment and above all in search of greater competitiveness and flexibility -we increase our development and production capacity thus improving our deadlines and responsiveness-. Two phases in which Virospack increases its installations from 4,000 to more than 14,000m2, invests in technology, a new fleet of machinery and new decoration techniques. A large expansion plan that finishes this year with the new space of its production unit - with modern facilities, more comfortable and eco-friendly, a factory of more than 5.000 m2, a machinery with greater productive capacity and less impact on the environment, and a considerable improvement in the cost-efficiency and flexibility of the company in every sense.

Briefly,  a plan with a strong economic investment that will exceed 9 million euros at the end of this year, including specific rubber cutting, injection and refrigeration machines, more automatic assembly lines and specific new decoration equipment. Important improvements such as the second automatic metallization line or the artificial vision -an innovative technology incorporated to our facilities to provide dimensional control of our vials and a much more precise production of the pipettes-, among many.

One-stop-shop manufacturing and decoration -glass, plastic injection and compression, rubber injection, painting, silk screening, metallization- with extensive capability and flexibility, under strict QA control levels, consolidates Virospack as The Dropper Company worldwide.

Innovations with which Virospack bets on the future to continue trendsetting the packaging market and giving, as in the last 60 years, the best quality and service to the cosmetic brands.