Packaging for skin care, hair, nails, make-up and colour cosmetics by Virospack, Spain.

VIROSPACK is the leading producer of cosmetic dropper packs for skin, hair, nail and liquid foundation and colour products.

Known for its long professional trajectory and for its quality in production and service as The Dropper Company, VIROSPACK offers a wide range of standards easy to customise, as well as client specific developments.

Founded in 1956 in Barcelona, Spain, Virospack has its origins in formulating rubber for pharmaceutical purposes. A constant innovator since then and totally specialised in the high-end cosmetic packaging industry, Virospack is today the world’s leading dropper manufacturer.

One of the unique features of Virospack is its in-house development and manufacturing of all components and decoration processes, to answer the brands desire of differentiation.

Many types of droppers for the most important worldwide cosmetic brands -classic and push button droppers, standard or specific designs, regular or promotional size…- with different kinds of finishes and decoration, have been produced in Virospack's factory, all operated under one roof, controling all the production chain and ensuring quality and security in the final result.

Committed to design and innovation, Virospack is dedicated to ongoing improvements and innovative developments carried-out by its internal technical team, setting the trend in packaging.

With a view to the future and in search of greater competitiveness and flexibility, the company has recently implemented a large expansion plan to have one of the most modern and automated production unit in the sector; a new factory to improve the reactivity for the increasing demand of the market with a faster answer than competitors, and a capacity and flexibility to respond to brand's needs that have every day shorter deadlines for their launches.

This represents an important investment that continues to seek out new materials and technologies. New facilities that are more comfortable and eco-friendly, latest-generation machinery with better productive capacity and a smaller environmental impact, and new moulds, designs and decoration techniques, to improve the cost-efficiency of its products.