Wapo's stand up pouches are perfect for on-shelf display

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Stand up pouches are the most ideal type of pouch for on shelf display. Ideal for a variety of powder, liquid and viscous formulations, pouches can be used for a variety of markets from food to beauty and healthcare products. 

Wapo's stand up pouches are manufactured with very low packaging waste, and the lightweight packaging reduces the products' carbon footprint even further for transportation, making the pouches a cost-effective environmentally-friendly choice.

Benefits of pouch packaging

Pouches offer excellent barrier qualities to protect the product within. Wapo's stand up pouches with zippers provide an easy-to-use packaging choice that can be resealed repeatedly by the end user. The pack can use aluminum, metalized aluminum or EVOH material to enhance the barrier qualities, plus the high quality zipper offers an excellent gas barrier too, ensuring that the product stays fresh for an extended period of time.

The gusseted base of the pack facilitates the pack's stable form on shelf which can be further enhanced through a unique form as well as creative coloring and design.

Wapo is one of the world's leading flexible packaging manufacturers and maintains its lead in the industry by closely monitoring the entire production process —including the raw material, production, graphic design, decoration, etc— to ensure that its products are consistently effective and match the unique requirements of each and every customer.

To learn more about stand up pouches and how they can be tailored to your brand's needs, contact Wapo.

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