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His and hers, then and now

We decided to carry out an experiment, and asked our Marketing Manager to tell us EXACTLY what she had in her medicine cabinet, which became the image you see below. Click on individual elements for more details, and click on THEN to switch to a typical medicine cabinet from 1953. You'll note there are a LOT more targetted products these days and that men are horning in on what have traditionally been female products.

  Face make up Moisture cream Talcum powder Blush Hair curlers Mascara Cold cream Nail polish Perfume Lipstick Eye shadow Hair cream Cologne and after-shave Styptic pencil Hairspray Shaving kit

Face make up

Just the basics, a simple powder for eliminating shininess. We get the phrase "powder my nose" from this.

Moisture cream

Indispensable for keeping young.

Talcum powder

Keeping fresh meant staying dry.


A bit of colour for feminine cheeks.

Hair curlers

Simple things that replaced the tied rags or ribbons of previous generations.


At the time, a novel way to get longer lashes.

Cold cream

No lady went to bed wearing her make up.

Nail polish

For lovely, coordinated nails


A fundamental part of any lady's wile armoury.


A dash of colour to enhance the lips.

Eye shadow

Available in two styles: natural or REALLY colourful.

Hair cream

"A little dab'll do ya!"

Cologne and after-shave

Men also like to smell alluring.

Styptic pencil

Razors were pretty fickle things, hence the need for a simple blood clotter.


As hairstyles became more bouffont and elaborate, hold became key.

Shaving kit

Frothy soap, a brush, and a safety razor. 'Nuff said.

  Styling spray Eye liner Nose/ear hair trimmer Shaving balm Lip balm Anti-frizz serum Exfoliater Make up primer Hairspray Deodorant/Antiperspirant Night cream Targetted wrinkle treatment Mascara Concealer Nail polish remover

Styling spray

A medium hold hair product for daily use.

Eye liner

Provides a dramatic eye contour for events, and a nice frame during the day.

Nose/ear hair trimmer

Hair is out these days, so eliminating unwanted fuzz is a must.

Shaving balm

Soft, healthy skin isn't just for ladies any more, hence a post-shave treatment.

Lip balm

Nobody likes chapped, dry lips!

Anti-frizz serum

If you have curly, dry hair, this is a must.


Great for perking up skin and eliminating scales on elbows and heels.

Make up primer

If you want make up to stay on all day, "not to prime is a crime".


As hairstyles become more complex, the gents are using it, too.


Most folks these days use some kind of underarm product, though the scents remain different.

Night cream

Cleans, moisturizes, lessens wrinkling.

Nail Polish/Nail Strengthener

Everything that gets painted needs a base these days, and nails are no different.

Day cream

A prep product to keep facial skin healthy, often with an SPF value.

Hair gel

Available in a range of hold values for shorter hair styles.

Targetted wrinkle treatment

Evening rituals now require the use of some sort of anti-ageing product.


These days, mascara comes in colours or transparent types and any number of thicknesses.

Body cream

After a morning shower, moisturizing the body is key.


Another targetted product designed to hide small imperfections on the face.

Nail polish remover

Wiping the slate and starting anew requires a good removal product.

Shaving kit

Razors now have multiple blades and moisturizing strips, and foam or gel has emollients.


Ladies still like to smell nice. Go figure.

Cuticle remover

Perfect nails show how refined you are.

Foundation make up

After applying a primer, this covers up most general skin flaws.

Face powder

Shininess is still something to be avoided, so a good powder is necessary.

Hand cream

Soft hands are good hands.


Fellas like smelling good for the ladies. Or other fellas. Or both.

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