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Near perfect tamper evidence (TE) on boxes

Pipi Print and Packaging is comprised of a dedicated team of professionals, including print technologists, that devote their skill, care, and experience to every job they produce. Their latest item offers near perfect TE on pharma boxes.

One of Pipi's latest items, dedicated to the pharmaceutical sector, is a tamper evident (TE) box designed to offer a clear first-use visual cue without making it difficult for consumers to open.

The new line features die-cut tabs on either side of the assembled box that make it virtually impossible to get to the product contained within without tearing along the perforations. Upon being filled, the box is actually constructed around the contents, such that when it's distributed publicly, it becomes one of the most powerful tools consumers have to ensure their own safety when purchasing. A simple visual inspection is more than sufficient to tell whether the box has been tampered with, providing a reliable security feature difficult to replicate.

Pipi's way of working is uncommon in the space. At the start of each project, Pipi assigns a specific team member who will ensure the initial brief is mutually understood and be accountable for its costing, quality, and final delivery date. This offers customers a single point of contact and accountability, something fundamental to working within the strict parameters found in the pharmaceutical space. Pipi's carton division consists of an extensive range of Heidelberg, Iberica, Geist, Vega, and Jagenberg technology to enable a smoother transition between complex stages of carton manufacturing.


Depending on the nature of the project, in-house processes include:

  • Print and varnishing (gloss/matte/silk)
  • Foil blocking (flat & fluted)
  • Embossing (braille & decorative)
  • Die-cutting and creasing
  • Gluing (with in-line code scanning)
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