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High-end desiccant and engineering expertise for the pharmaceutical industry

Sanner GmbH reinforces its expertise and market leadership in desiccants. Following a recent strategic repositioning, the packaging specialist now focuses on the pharmaceutical, medical technology and healthcare industries. This includes the expansion of the six product categories and the expertise for customized solutions.

In the Effervescent Packaging category, Sanner presents new design concepts for tube packaging of effervescent tablets. The company further emphasizes its position as the Asian market leader in test strip packaging. Its pharma and medical packaging section highlights options for packaging development which are made possible by Sanner’s structured in-house engineering process. Sanner also presents exemplary solutions for eye care and ready-to-fill syringes. In this segment, Sanner introduces product solutions for capsules, sachets and tablet packaging. Pharma desiccant packaging, test strip packaging and effervescent packaging all have one thing in common: Sanner's industry-leading expertise in desiccant integration.

The efficient integration of desiccants

The optimum coordination of closures and tubes or containers ensures that Sanner’s complete packaging solutions achieve an extremely high density. To maximize product shelf-life and enable usage in different climate zones, Sanner integrates the exact amount of required desiccant. This reduces weight and lowers costs, achieving positive results regarding sustainable material usage. The desiccant is either integrated into the closure or attached to the bottom of the package, thus meeting the key criteria of pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Exemplary solutions demonstrate how modern and user-friendly packaging can be manufactured with fewer single components. The packaging can easily be introduced into the filling process prior to closing, resealing, and repacking. Thus, Sanner packaging solutions support simple and fast processes and reduce production costs.

A single source for engineering and design

Sanner develops customized solutions thanks to a comprehensive in-house engineering process, from the initial design draft, 3-D modeling, and mold design to optimal production technology - and advanced material expertise. "From standard products to customized solutions, as a system supplier we support our customers from the initial design concept to final project completion," said Sanner CEO Holger Frank. "At the same time, we take into account the international pharmaceutical industry requirements, GMP guidelines, pharmaceutical safety standards and consumer convenience."

Medical packaging should be intuitive to open and close. It should also have a tamper-evident seal and an integrated child-resistant function. OTC products should further be visually appealing, lightweight, compact, and easy to use. They should stand out at the point-of-sale and be easily positioned on the shelf.

"Packaging requirements are becoming increasingly complex. Our experienced team of packaging engineers, designers and technicians enables us to develop and manufacture the best possible solutions for our customers and their products," said a Sanner company representative.

Sanner’s customers obtain packaging solutions that take the entire value chain into account from the very beginning. Each process step is supported by risk analysis, ongoing assessment and efficient project management. A smooth project workflow and maximum customer satisfaction also involve comprehensive material expertise, as well as years of experience in processing complex materials, including Barex and COC or smart grid technologies. "It’s important to be in direct customer contact for each project. This enables us to understand their needs and focus on further developments."

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