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Pharma by Webpackaging®
Issue #3


Editor Frank Robledano


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Lead Lars Hoffmann
Alessandro Vernali
Joel Kobjoll, Alexander Barakhov
Joan Mora
Sergio Pereira

Published by:
Webpac Digital Media Group

Europe: +44 207 193 7821
Asia: +886 6 250 0336
North America: +1 347 809 6779

Welcome to our third issue of Pharma by Webpackaging, the interactive digital publication for anyone in the pharmaceutical industry and in particular those involved in the packaging of these products.

Pharmaceuticals require some of the most stringent guidelines and regulations for consumer products on the market. No other consumable market products are subjected to such rigourous testing or have such an involved and lengthy development process, and for good reason: Pharmaceutical products can often signify the difference between health and illness, life and death. They must be perfect and their packaging must logically follow suit.

In this issue, we take a look at a number of the most relevant topics facing those seeking to package their pharmaceuticals, including:

  • The cold chain. What is it and how are companies making sure they optimize their operations to conform to it?
  • Serialization and labelling options, and how upcoming international legislation is sure to affect the primary and secondary packaging of pharmaceutical products. 
  • The latest safeguards and security measures being implemented in packaging these days to ensure children and others don't have access to things they shouldn't.
  • Cutting edge materials and packaging concepts that offer a number of valuable benefits to pharmaceutical producers.
  • Machinery and automation solutions related to overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and how operations can streamline existing lines to maximize production.

If you have any ideas, questions, or want to get involved with Pharma by Webpackaging, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Thank you for reading!


Lars Hoffmann, COO
Webpac Digital Media Group