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Serialization & labelling

Marchesini Group, SEA Vision, and Track&Trace

A technological control data system equipped on a line for Track&Trace is the result of the collaboration between Marchesini Group and SEA Vision

The new Track&Trace BLA 309 and the semi-automatic case packer PS 310 TT is the result of the collaboration between Marchesini Group, the Italian producer of high performance and customized vision systems for the pharmaceutical industry and SEA Vision. The new BLA 309, for example, is an automatic labeller for the application of one vignette label on the upper panel of the carton. Built with an ergonomic balcony-design that offers full access to ensure cleaning and management comfort and guarantees a full view of the entire production process, it works with a carton accumulation infeed conveyor allowing smooth feeding even at high speed and an indexed carton transport, by means of a toothed belt, which permits correct carton positioning during code printing.

The BLA 309 is designed to allow the installation of tracking devices plus corresponding cameras, to print and subsequently verify 2D codes and relevant human readable characters, on the lateral flaps and on the upper panel. The possibility to install all the main tracking devices available on the market - as Laser or Ink-Jet printers - makes the BLA 309 a complete, easy to use and versatile solution, able to meet any kind of productive need related to pharmaceutical traceability.

Marchesini also offers semi-automatic case packer PS 310 TT, a fully enclosed structure machine specifically equipped for Track&Trace.  PS 310 TT is built to manage a wide range of product working sizes and to meet the requirements of safe working conditions and machine self-efficiency. A fast and easy change-over is possible thanks to digital indicators and quick fitting of mobile change parts.